Chinese Characters - Dr Alan Hoenig - Learn and remember 2178 characters! [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

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Did you know it takes around 2000 Chinese characters to read a Chinese newspaper?


Our site is honoured to partner with Dr Alan Hoenig and be the official distributor of Chinese Characters – now in an easy to download and use PDF version! Over 500 pages! Keep forever! You get to learn at whatever speed YOU choose.


This is the EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE and BEST VALUE system to learn OVER 2000 most commonly used characters in Simplified Chinese!

“This was game changing for me. I always had trouble with Chinese characters. This book actually made it easy and fun. Every single piece of a character comes together so well. I set a goal to learn the most 100 useful characters… then 500… then 1000… Now I can read Chinese articles and stories A LOT easier than before. I’m even reading the subtitles on TV shows now!”

– Matt N., Australia


This book was originally published in 2009 as a paperback book and has helped thousands of people learn over 2000 Chinese characters!


Don’t pay up to $149 on Amazon for the paperback version!


Don’t pay $40 per month for apps that force you to learn slowly at their own pace.


Save yourself hundreds of hours of searching the internet for random one-off resources, and hundreds of dollars on costly and slow apps, with this very effective all-in-one system, for learning 2178 Chinese characters, that you get to keep forever!



– Unique and interesting / memorable / fun mnemonics (memory stories) to remember the 2000+ characters necessary to read a newspaper. Actually REMEMBER the characters! Over 500 pages!

– A logical system: Characters build on each other logically, from the the very easiest characters, all the way to the more complex characters.

– An index at the back with a list of all the characters – so you can learn in whatever order you like.

– Keep forever!

– Great for beginner / intermediate / advanced learners.

A 30 day money back guarantee is also included!


NOTE: This resource is for Simplified Characters (used in mainland China, and not in Taiwan or Hong Kong). Contact us about upcoming Traditional Characters version.


Save hundreds of dollars on apps that require you to pay monthly and learn slowly at their own pace!


Click now and treat yourself to the MOST EFFECTIVE Chinese character learning system, that you get to keep FOREVER.

1 review for Chinese Characters – Dr Alan Hoenig – Learn and remember 2178 characters! [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

  1. Kelly Tan

    My Chinese writing and reading is very poor. So I thought this will be helpful as I try to recall words I have forgotten or not know. And I have just browsed through some pages and I must say that a lot of effort and thought have gone into this work. And that this is something I feel will definitely help me in my quest to improve my Chinese. It’s the kind of book I’ve been looking for. I got the pdf download and it is really cheap for the value you will get. Thank you very much.

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