The Ultimate Guide - How to Learn a Language [100% FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

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This free resource draws on over ten years of language learning and language teaching experience, to deliver the most effective tips to learn a language!

It is a presentation I’ve delivered for years as a language teacher – to high school students, university students, friends and other teachers. The file formats in this resource are PDF and PPT – use whichever one you find easier.
There is something in here for everyone – tips ranging for the absolute beginner, to the more established learner.
It is constantly being added to and will always be available for free.
The best information available from the world’s language acquisition experts is included.
Additionally, the techniques and mindsets of Language Hackers (people who use tips and tricks to learn a language quickly) are revealed.
The resource is 100% free.
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1 review for The Ultimate Guide – How to Learn a Language [100% FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

  1. Margaret Thompson

    Fantastic! I really enjoyed these tips. Thank you

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