Learn Chinese Through Stories - Upper Beginner: Stories 1 to 5 (with free native speaker audio) (Simplified Characters version) [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

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✓ Learn Chinese through interesting, fun, bite sized stories. Improve your vocabulary, grammar and listening all at the same time – and learn the words and phrases not taught in textbooks!


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✓  Instantly downloadable PDFs and MP3s, that are yours forever. No logins, no mucking around, NO SHIPPING FEES and no waiting!


✓  FREE native speaker, professionally recorded audio. Includes: SLOW VERSION, NORMAL VERSION and WORD LIST GAME audio for each story.  Easily download the MP3s to listen to in the car, bus, at home, wherever.


✓  Approximate level: Upper Beginner onwards

Learning through stories is a great way to have fun and improve your reading, vocabulary, listening and grammar all at the same time – with words and phrases you simply wouldn’t be exposed to in textbooks.  : )


✓  Line by line break down –  explanation of every single word and phrase – so you can understand everything, regardless of your level. After all, languages are acquired through comprehensible input – you have to understand the language in order to acquire it. 

✓  This product is the Simplified Character version (contact us for info about upcoming Traditional Characters version)  : )  

(Simplified Characters are used in Mainland China)

(Traditional Characters are used in Taiwan and Hong Kong)

✓  Additional bonus: Cultural Notes included for each story. 

✓  We care about our learners and believe that learning with Comprehensible Language will improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening and general language ability.

Languages are acquired through repeated comprehensible input (that means reading and listening, especially listening). This means the more times you listen to the audio; or read the story, the more you will acquire it.  This in turn will also positively impact your pronunciation and general language ability.


Stories in Upper Beginner: Stories 1 to 5

  1. Chinese Food Vs. Foreign Chinese Food 中国菜和“外国的中国菜”有什么区别?
  2. What’s Your Favourite Pet? 你最喜欢什么宠物?
  3. Geography of China 中国的地理
  4. The Most Useful Phrase in Chinese 积少成多
  5. Lion Dance 舞狮

Sample of audio (Normal):

Sample of audio (Slow):


So you’re learning Chinese? That’s awesome!


According to Dr Stephen Krashen, languages are acquired through repeated Comprehensible Input.


To acquire a language, you need listening and reading. This “input” gives you an understanding for how vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation are in the language.


The more comprehensible input you get, the more you “level up” in the language.


However, it has to be comprehensible. This is why you could watch 100 hours of a native speaker TV show – but if what they’re saying isn’t COMPREHENSIBLE, then you wouldn’t be acquiring the language.


The problem is though, there is a BIG jump from textbooks (which are great) to native speaker materials (which are great).

Native speaker materials like books and TV shows are fantastic – but they are often too big a jump in difficulty and are too long. That means it can be difficult to experience success.


This where the resources of Comprehensible Language come in.


Our resources are created to be fun, bite-sized and with every single word explained. This means you can actually understand what you are reading or listening to, no matter what your level is.



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– We care about our learners and are constantly refining all of our resources. If you have any feedback (ideas for future topics; things you enjoyed; or suggestions in general) send us an email – we love to hear from our learners. 


We care about our learners. We want you to have fun learning.
Looking forward to seeing you soon and delivering massive value to you! 

Come and join us with Comprehensible Language! What are you waiting for?

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  1. sharid (verified owner)

    it’s very good book for beginner

  2. sharid (store manager)

    awesome to learn with this book

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